Total Attention Whore

When the police first served me with a warrant on a felony libel charge and I skedaddled to the ACLU, I soon realized that the press is really keen on covering free speech issues. My mom kept a ziploc bag full of clips that relatives sent from newspapers all over the place. At one point on the old site, I had collected links all the way from the local daily to USA Today and the Rolling Stone. Since the settlement is hopefully the last newsworthy thing that will happen to me and The Howling Pig, here’s the coverage that I could find:


Greeley Tribune

Denver Post

Greeley Gazette

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press


Channel 9 News

Apparently, there was a story on the AP wire so there is probably more floating around but it’s all copies of the same article. Also, several articles include a cropped photo that ran in the Greeley Tribune of me and my fiancee that was taken by my friend Soraya Soleimanpour. She’s a really good photographer, so I wanted to make sure she got credit for it.

The old alma mater’s student newspaper has a lengthy interview up.
UNC Mirror 


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