Sad News

I just found out that Professor Junius Peake passed away Thursday night.

While I had a lot of reasons to dislike the guy, it’s sad that the news story I read specifically linked him to The Howling Pig. What was originally a jab at a pretentious professor became so much more damaging ¬†through his inappropriate response to satire. I never meant to damage the man, and I’m sorry that he passed away known as THAT guy.


Good News on the Legislative Front

I just got off the radio with Ross Kaminsky on KOA radio. He has made the subject of criminal libel something of a personal issue because of the implications of the Colorado law for everybody that publishes, blogs or otherwise says something in a public forum.

The good news is that Senator Greg Brophy is introducing a bill to repeal Colorado’s criminal libel statute. As soon as I can find the text of the bill, I’ll post a link. I tend not to agree with Brophy on most things, but he’s right on this and good on him. That doesn’t excuse how silly he looks in bike shorts, but I’ll overlook that for this.