Criminal Libel Repeal Passes CO Senate

The committee hearing on SB-102 went well. I spoke my piece and Senator Brophy had a number of other supporters lined up, including the ACLU and the Colorado Newspaper Association. Surprisingly, a representative from the Attorney General’s office showed up to speak in support of repeal. There was no opposing testimony. The bill passed the committee 6-0 with one member absent. Last Friday, the bill passed the Senate unanimously.

The next step is to pass the House Judiciary Committee. The House sponsor is Representative Nikkel, who is a member of the committee, so hopefully that’s a good sign. I don’t have any information yet on when the bill will come up in committee. Checking the legislative calendar, I don’t see any sign for the next couple of weeks. I’ll keep updates coming as I hear anything.

I didn’t get this update up right away because of a few things. I had a galloping head cold when I went down to Denver to testify- hopefully I didn’t pass it along to anyone. Also, I just applied to graduate school and I had to manufacture a 10 page academic writing sample on short notice. If that wasn’t enough, I was involved with the Greeley performance of the Vagina Monologues, doing sound and stage work. It was a busy and productive week, but now I should be able to keep up again.


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