Quick note on bullshit conservative hysteria

Two issues have floated to the surface of political discourse this election season. They’re both incredibly stupid.

1) Non-citizens will commit voter fraud– and we need to tighten election laws to STOP IT!
Umm… have these people never voted? Even before throwing up roadblocks to eligible voters, voting is kind of a shitty process. You have to stand in line, possibly a very long line. There’s frequently an enormous ballot full of crap that you haven’t really thought about. School bonds, commissioner seats, water conservation district??

Then, after working through the equivalent of a day at the DMV, you’re left with no tangible result except an I Voted sticker.
If you think that immigrants are going to commit a felony, endanger themselves, and risk deportation for that- fuck you.

2) Women are willing to claim that they’ve been raped in order to obtain an abortion

First of all, conservatives already take as a given that all abortions are immoral and should be illegal. The absolute bright line on limiting abortion rights that has been untouched since Roe v Wade has been the idea that women should extra doubly especially not be denied an abortion in cases where the life of the mother is at stake or in cases of rape or incest.

Now, conservatives are pretty sure that rape thing is hooey because ladies would totally lie about that.
Women would say that they’ve been raped in order to undergo an expensive medical procedure? Is rape a frequent go-to excuse for these people? Has Rep. Todd Akin ever been told by a female staffer, “Hey, I’m going to be late today. I got so raped last night”?
This is not something that happens.

Voting and legitimate rapes. Making up bullshit constantly in order to avoid talking about the things that might actually be important to people. There seems to be some economic difficulty. There’s an ongoing war. Climate change seems to be a thing as well as floods, droughts, and other extreme weather that might very well be related.

Nope. Fear that brown people and the uteruses… uteri?


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