Way back in the dark ages of 2003, there was a geocities site called The Howling Pig.

Based on the rantings of a few students from the University of Northern Colorado, things got a bit sketchy when a professor lost his shit and called the cops. Years of litigation later over very important constitutional rights and such, The Howling Pig is marginally back in business. While its original content dealt largely with the mismanagement of UNC, the current incarnation is likely to verge more into social commentary and random thoughts.

Yes, indeed it’s just another damn blog about stupid shit that nobody cares about.


One Comment on “About”

  1. beckster says:

    We crossed paths in a couple of classes at UNC and I somewhat knew you in high school. I went to a different small town school and enjoyed a few proms at your high school. I remember when this all went down, but had completely forgotten about it as I went about my post-UNC life. Glad to see you have been vindicated and are getting a little something out of it.

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