Original Issues of THP

Collected here is the archive of The Howling Pig. They were all converted to PDFs at some point and were parked in various hard drive backups and email attachments. For some reason, I can’t track down issue 5, but here’s all the other published bits of Pig in all of their outspoken mid-2000s glory. (*update: I figured out why issue 5 wasn’t available on my hard drive. It was written and published during the period of time that my computer was in police custody)

The Howling Pig issue 1
The piss poor coverage of the Mirror • UNC’s commitment to diversity • Construction • An introduction to the Pig
The glorious first issue of The Howling Pig, introducing Editor Junius Puke

The Howling Pig issue 2
Professorial Outrage • The President’s Mixed Loyalties • Puke’s Take on Campus Childcare

The Howling Pig issue 3
Huang on Top • Colorado’s Hottest University • Free Speech • Puke on Dick

The Howling Pig issue 4
PVA Saved? • Academic Freedom • Kenny’s Steak House • Carb Wars

The Howling Pig issue 6
Party Lines• SRC Anonymous • Tanning Beds for Whitey• McOdonnell’s• Puke on SRC

The Howling Pig issue 7
Winning Elections• Sex Scandals • Where’s the Money?• Puke’s Gone

The Howling Pig issue 8
SRC Makes Waves• Blended • Selling Out the Future• A New Face

The Howling Pig issue 9
Charting Whose Future?• Amputation• Students get Screwed• Diversity

The Howling Pig issue 10
Get out your checkbooks• Whitey Still In Charge• Marriage• Retire? My ass

The Howling Pig issue 11
The Pope is Infallible• Working Out for the Future• Health Center• UPC Tightens Its Budget


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